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1. Introduction

Avocado DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a collection of contributors that believe in the benefits of blockchain technologies and the metaverse. To advance those benefits, the Avocado DAO intends to undertake and facilitate a range of activities that initially will enrich the ecosystem of blockchain games as well as provide yield farming and content creation opportunities to their members.
Avocado DAO will focus on investing in current and future NFT (Non-Fungible Token) assets within games and emerging metaverses and lend the NFTs back to their guild members to optimize yield. The goal is to share the profits of the DAO with the guild members and the owners of the Avocado Guild ($AVG) token and maximize the utility of all the NFT assets owned by Avocado DAO.
Avocado DAO not only invests in NFT assets, but is also focused on growing and enriching a community for virtual gamers to produce content as well as enjoy blockchain games.
One of the underlying motives for the Avocado DAO is to facilitate environments in which more people can be exposed to blockchain technologies and enable them to capitalize on opportunities within different metaverses. This motive will be accomplished through accessibility and education provided by the Avocado DAO. Delivery on this objective should provide reward to both the guild members and $AVG token holders by way of yield profits for their contribution to the Avocado DAO.
In essence, the Avocado DAO is a facilitator of the metaverse community who believe that the metaverse has the potential to improve the way in which things get done and the lives of many.
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