2. Vision

The Avocado DAO vision is to systematically and passionately work to empower and uplift the lives of our expansive community of gamers and contributors.
Our utilization of constant learnings from the community and contributors is intrinsically linked to exploring opportunities within the blockchain gaming metaverse to stimulate yield generation as well as playing a major role in ensuring the long term sustainability of the blockchain gaming space.
Our thriving Avocado community members will gain access to all future Avocado platform capabilities that will act as a collective conduit for members to explore Play2Earn and DeFi opportunities in the new world of decentralized and tokenized metaverse economies. The Avocado DAO onboards beginners in blockchain and cryptocurrencies into a platform with the potential for substantial economic benefits that would otherwise not be easily accessible or cost effective to them.
The Avocado DAO has a wide range of goals that, for now, have been strategically optimized. This includes focusing on making cryptocurrency and tokens accessible through education by other members of the community who have already gained sufficient knowledge and understand its power to make an impact. This initiative has already enabled thousands of people around the globe, from all walks of life, to enter the blockchain metaverse and improved the lives of those facing adversity. The community promotes its own growth with scope to enrich as much of the world as they possibly can, as the consensus is that Avocado DAO is a foundation for a better world.
As we shift the focus to the future, our aspiration is to achieve an environment where ownership of NFT’s, tokens and cryptocurrency is widely adopted in a multitude of gaming and non-gaming mediums. The Avocado DAO plans on partnering up with blockchain based game developers to develop engaging content for both casual and professional gamers.
The Avocado DAO aims eventually to be a community builder for new games utilizing game agnostic scholarship management technology to scale operations across multiple games, and to become a portal to the emergence of metaverses. Through the support that the Avocado platform will provide the wider community by creating blockchain ecosystems for games, there will be many yield generating functions that will follow, benefiting Avocado DAO members and $AVG token holders.
The utility of the platform as described will make the DAO the largest community in blockchain gaming, for gamers ranging from casual players all the way through to the competitive stage.
Avocado DAO: Helping gamers benefit themselves financially by earning tokens empowered by the community and supporting their foundation.