4. DAO Operating Model

Avocado DAO Model
The acceleration in development of the metaverse has given rise to significant untapped and new potential in the digital economy and community building. The model of Avocado DAO is to bring demonstrable change and enduring impact to communities around the world, by utilizing economic concepts related to the metaverse and Play to Earn (P2E) games, coupled with innovative development of technology and community building.
The $AVG token is designed to capture all the value generated through Avocado DAO activities. Avocado DAO will build a scholarship management portal for tracking the performance of scholars across multiple games. By assessing the progress of the scholars, the guild can better empower and leverage off the strengths of each individual scholar to place them in activities that they can excel in, leading to higher yields and better identification of scholars for different genres of future P2E game integration.
Key DAO Operations
  • Investing in NFT assets across multiple game platforms and across different chains.
    • Lending of Avocado DAO NFTs to scholars for gameplay, leading to yield generation activities.
    • Lending of Avocado DAO NFTs to the public for yield generation.
    • Yield generation through the economic activities carried out on land NFTs owned by Avocado DAO
  • Investing in NFT platforms and projects that will bring strategic value to Avocado DAO
  • Investing directly into P2E games that demonstrate traction and economic potential
  • Integrating the Avocado DAO portal with game partners, analytics, and DeFi protocols to provide additional services to scholars.
Avocado DAO Value Generation
Avocado DAO will generate value from the following sources:
  • Appreciation in the value of digital NFT assets acquired and owned by the Avocado DAO.
  • Yield generation through DAO scholarship operations goes 100% back to the DAO.
  • Increased offering of products and experience to the Avocado scholar community
  • Partnership incentives.
  • Treasury and capital management
Utilization of Avocado $AVG Token
$AVG Token holders will have access to the following:
  • Reward distribution through staking of the $AVG Token in various vaults.
  • The ability to participate and vote in the future decisions and directions of Avocado DAO
  • Access to future projects and services
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