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3. Mission

The Avocado DAO aims to be bold and embrace the forefront of blockchain technology and innovation. Our mission is expansive and linked to more than just one focus, this can be segmented into the following key areas:
  • Education: To educate and introduce people new to crypto to the benefits of crypto gaming, whilst assisting them in learning about the possibilities with how the DeFi space can truly enrich their lives and communities to build an enhanced version of the world we know today.
  • Acquisition: To identify and invest in blockchain gaming assets with a high value proposition along with a large scalable capacity for development and growth. Part of this process would be to assess the current and future capabilities of games to provide yield generating and community building opportunities for our scholars.
  • Partnership Alignment: To engage in mutually beneficial relationships to form strategic alliances with crypto gaming companies to enrich platforms with Avocado DAO industry leading knowledge and governance. The Avocado DAO will also seek partnerships that can bridge real world application for the $AVG tokens.
  • Establishment: Develop game agnostic scaling technology for cross game and cross chain integrations to increase scholarship size, game exposure and increasing revenue . Growing the community sustainably by educating and empowering it with the right instruments to help them perform their best and be proud of the foundation.
  • Aspirations: There are abundant possibilities for Avocado DAO and, with further advancement, integration of the $AVG token with the “real world” use cases would be the next step.