6. DAO Governance

Avocado DAO is owned and governed by the $AVG token holders.
Avocado DAO will initially be governed by the DAO contributors as smart contracts for proposals, voting and governance gets developed. The DAO contributors will guide the direction of the DAO to grow scholarship size, build out technology and develop future roadmaps. Eventually, the DAO will be controlled by the $AVG token holders who will all have rights to vote on DAO decision making. The goal will be to widespread the distribution of $AVG tokens so that it can truly be governed by the community for benefit of the community.
The Avocado DAO is an evolving project, with leaders and contributors emerging over time.
The first step of this evolution will be governance proposals for smaller projects like direction of scholarship programs with Avocado DAO and eventually leading onto future decisions that will shape the future of Avocado DAO.
In the early phase, the policies will allow the following actions to be executed by the DAO contributors for the benefit of the Avocado DAO.
1. Token swaps with existing and emerging crypto games and projects
2. Treasury allocation into investing in different NFT and Crypto Games from casual to triple A.
3. Treasury allocation in growing scholar teams in various NFT games
4. Decision on creating new vault to allow $AVG token holders to earn yield on new DAO activities
5. Decision on new vaults with strategic partners for yield generation.
6. Grants to development team to update Avocado DAO Core Protocols.
7. Grants or milestone rewards to development and R&D contributors (to build The DAO's products and features)
In the final phase, proposals will be initiated by the successful passing of the votes by $AVG token holders through smart contracts.
The earliest functionality of the DAO will include the development of proposals and governance protocols to navigate
  • Direction of community support
  • Event geography and impact location
  • Disaster relief and humanitarian assistance
  • Game scholarship directions and management
Deeper decision governance and DAO direction will be implemented over time
  • Geographical scholar reach
  • Scholarship size targets and game investment depth
  • Technological advancements
  • Incubation protocol