6.1 Tokenomics

6.1.1 Token Supply

Fixed supply of 1,000,000,000

6.1.2 Token breakdown

6.1.3 Ecosystem/Community
Avocado DAO success will be influenced by the collaborative efforts of all contributors.
All $AVG holders can earn rewards through staking, referrals, helping with DAO growth, community event operations, and managing the DAO operations.
Avocado Guild members can contribute by participating in horizontal game integration, completing educational courses on crypto education or excelling in guild operations and being promoted to guild managers, leaders, and masters. Ecosystem and community tokens will be rewarded to the community for their contribution to benefit the DAO ecosystem.
Community rewards, retention and payment for contribution
Ecosystem fund
  • Reward for contribution of work of the community
  • Competition rewards
  • Milestone rewards
  • Staking rewards
  • Airdrops to guild NFT
  • Liquidity mining
  • Future programs
Future planning
  • New game airdrops
  • Future contribution rewards across partnership games
  • Tiered unlocks, scholarship multiplier unlocks
The purpose of the reward programs is to encourage community involvement and incentivize participation in guild and Avocado DAO management.
New technologies will be implemented over time that will allow for Avocado DAO governance proposals to pilot changes across the guild from scholarship management to game investment strategies. These proposals can be suggested and voted upon by $AVG token holders and token rewards will be awarded for passed proposals.