🦸11. Community Contributors

Aki - Guild Master and first official Avocadian leader, Aki is the pillar of support for the Avocadian family. Responsible for upholding the core values of the Guild, Aki has been a crucial player in nurturing and guiding the Avocadian Guild Leaders' core, the backbone of our community.

Dane - Guild Master, also known as “The Hammer”, ensures the moderation of the community and maintains harmony within the Guild. Lead educator and supporter of the Avocadian “community first” philosophy.

Frances - The Avocadian storyteller and Head of Avocadian publications, often referred to as the “Mother of the Guild”. Frances also educates the Avocadian community managers on the best editorial practices and manages the Avocadian newsletter.

Natsu - As the Avocadian Crypto Guru and Chief Crypto-Educator of the Guild, Natsu’s knowledge and in-depth research has helped his fellow Guild members understand how to navigate the Metaverse though his guidance on the fundamentals of crypto-literacy, wallet security & management.

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