9. Avocado DAO Contributors

Working hard for the community
Brendan Wong AKA Brendino - Co-Founder & CEO, Proud Avocadian
Entrepreneur since 2007, blockchain since 2017. Guild leader since 2004 (WoW) and forever avid gamer and community builder. Brendan’s vision is that of a future where gaming guilds will be the critical infrastructure for P2E and the bridge for mainstream crypto adoption.
Sir Gregory - Co-Founder
Sir Gregory leading the charge for the singularity and Metaverse.
Sherwin Lee AKA Wizard – Lead advisor
Blockchain since 2017, Sherwin’s expertise in crypto and legal structuring, token value capture design has allowed him to establish long term strategic alliances with multiple Layer 1s. A strong network of alliances has helped fast-track ecosystem growth and positive price discovery.
David Shi AKA Jdash - Operations Lead
David is responsible for operations and business intelligence at Avocado Guild. Prior to this, David was the head of product at travel-tech start-up SnowPak, and worked extensively in financial and business intelligence roles in the banking and professional services sector.
Sunny Huang AKA Sunny - Community and Culture Manager
Migrated from traditional retail entrepreneurship into the Metaverse. Sunny has brought the art of hospitality into the digital space and has been actively growing Avocado Guild's community and culture to shine positively into the future. Community first and foremost.