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13. Road Map

Roadmap (Subject to change for the positive benefit of the DAO)
Q4 2021
  • Onboard over 10,000+ scholars across Axie Infinity and other partnered games.
  • Token Launch
    • $AVG Token public sale
    • Genesis coin
      • Bonus airdrops to supporters and contributors
  • Avocado DAO tech development
    • Website tech up
    • Basic scholar/manager portal dashboard
    • Begin early App development, web integrated functionality
  • Token partnership
    • Game and strategic partnerships
    • NFT and game investments
  • Scholarship Development
    • Basic voting mechanism for game activities
    • Develop and implement initiatives for guild scholars
    • Inhouse scholar management branches
    • Payment incentives rework with $AVG token component
    • Upgrade of scholarship performance tracking
    • Contribution tracking and upgraded reward workings
    • Advanced guild contributors and manager programs
    • Advanced scholarship portal with multi game scholarship reporting and game integrations
  • $AVG Token functionality
    • Unique staking vaults internally and with our partners for varied yield generation
    • Foundational rewards
    • DAO proposal and governance
  • DAO Governance
    • Basic voting mechanisms
    • Proposal acceptance mechanism
    • Voting snapshot
  • Technology
    • Develop scholarship management system ready for 20,000 + scholars
    • Integrated scholarship management system with work contribution tracking
    • Advanced interactive website development
    • App development for website integration
    • Game agnostic scholarship portal with advanced reporting features