🌱5. Growth

1. Scholarship Expansion

Initially, Avocado DAO will expand it’s scholarship offerings in Axie Infinity while constantly seeking out other games for yield generating opportunities for current and future scholars.

2. Build Partnerships

Partnerships will become an integral part of the growth strategy for the DAO as we explore ways to leverage off the growing community and enhance the offerings provided to Avocado Scholars.

3. DAO Advancement

The Avocado DAO growth strategies will benefit the DAO by building a stronger presence across multiple blockchain games and partnerships. Through association with versatile and valuable partnerships, exceptional yield farming opportunities will present themselves for our Avocado DAO Scholars. The DAO will work with game partners to improve its own scholarship scaling solutions for game agnostic scholarship management. The byproduct of these partnerships is the ability to increase shared profits with $AVG holders. This subsequently opens up Avocado DAO to additional revenue streams to those holding tokens.

4. Game Partnerships

i. NFT and token investments

ii. Token swaps

iii. Game player migration and integration

iv. Cross promotion

v. Ecosystem integrations

vi. Additional games for yield farming operations

5. Technological Developments

i. Further improved automation tools for scalability

ii. Integrated and game agnostic guild management tools and management platform


iii. Guild portal, yield reporting, scholar reporting

iv. Mobile App development, website integration

v. Game launchpad and incubator

vi. Future technological innovation

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